Has Social Media Changed You In Covid-19?

A million debates about social media, and here’s another one, you may be thinking. However, looking at these desperate times, the voice in me cannot stay silent. We are a diverse country, and so our social media users are diverse too. Some, scrolling away their time, harming no one, but themselves, and some moving forward with agendas to destroy lives, sitting behind their computers. There is animosity everywhere. If someone is trying to rob applause, someone else is trying to rob money. At the place called SOCIAL MEDIA, everyone’s egos are clashing with each other, and more so, when people have so much time on their hands while staying at home. It began an unhealthy competition to prove ourselves better than the others. If this competition was positive, it would have been fine, but it soon took the face of a platform being used to humiliate others. The right to speak was more actively used than ever, and the very government of this nation was the target, of us clueless beings. With the pandemic hitting us, our human nature was looking for someone to blame, to feel better about it all. As a social media user, you have to protect yourself. Always remember that the feed they are feeding you is a curated experience. One tap on a shoe ad, one comment on a piece of political news, even one conversation that you have with a friend about any topic in this world, will pop up on your screen for many days until you wash it out with another topic. Think, is the world at your feet, or is it walking all over you? It’s time to think about what kind of participant do you want to be in this chaos at the door of social media. Do you want to use this tool as a blessing to spread the good or just a tool to punch others down to feel good about yourself? Do you want to be a con artist conning people out of their money/ happiness, or do you want to be a universal giver of joy? Lastly, it should be remembered that victory will always belong to a unified team, where everyone is playing for team India, and more so for the team world. We should remember that we are powerful citizens who have done things that shook the world. From common man to doctors, engineers, scientists, and our history, including Ayurveda, Homeopathy, etc. In the time of Covid, social media was a source of the suffering of many families, with dirty politics. Forgetting hatred and negativity, there should be an atmosphere of positivity as well as a unity – this is crucial. And, you and I are more than enough, to stir this change, and steer the wheel to brightness.

Don’t Forget to Pack Passion & Persistence If You are Traveling up to Success!

You must have heard how passion and persistence are the keys to living a successful life, a thousand times. So, the question is, why would you be interested in reading something like that all over again, here? Well, let’s just say, sometimes the same thing needs to be said in a different way to hit the right wave of your brain. As Michael Jordan once said, “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” In life, business, relationships, home, job, family, you’ll have a trillion mini-goals to achieve to reach a point of peaceful joy or excellence. You may wonder if you could get your hands on a magical weapon that guarantees success. Good thing is, you really can. When we planted the seed of the idea of CitizenCOP Foundation, we faced not only the challenges that we could foresee but so many more that we could not imagine in any scenario. However, we always believed the fact that courageous persistence is the one quality out of many, that would take us through it all. All we really have to do is put in all our hard work to make a difference, not wait around for the results, and keep going! They almost always eventually come around to grow into something beautiful. Now, success is the queen on a carrom board. We all want it, isn’t it? But to be successful it takes a hell lot of persistence. Lucky for us, there’s not only one queen for all of us in the carrom of life. Whether it is about losing weight, getting a good grade, or starting a foundation to serve the nation, you need to be persistent. That is what makes all the difference between a successful outcome and a failed one because you gave up. We thought of starting a foundation that would help the people of the society, and although we were fortunate enough to receive great support, there were uncountable obstacles. And, how much can a man really do, with persistence alone? Well, CitizenCOP Foundation recently celebrated 8 years of its incorporation. Citizen COP Application that was developed under the foundation has touched more than 50 Million Lives and has spread across more than 50 Cities, and 4 States. The foundation homes more than 20 Social Initiatives with more than 400 Volunteers who are passionate and persistent to help out! The very definition of persistence is ‘continuing to do something even though it is hard or opposed’. We know better than most, that in the face of defeat, it is hard to stay persistent, but we also know, better than most, that it’s that time when persistence is needed the most. However, remember, that by knowing and accepting that there will be setbacks, you can at least prepare for them. To conclude, I’d just like to remind you gently, that keeping a pure intention towards your goal, and moving forward in that direction with the most honest efforts, will transform the way things turn out for you, in the ultimate end!

How organic living became a turning point in my life!

The pandemic brought many things with it. We learnt how to live with masks; we learnt how to live with fear, and eventually all of us discovered something new, out of the lockdown that forced us to explore within. I for one, tapped into something that changed my life. As a person who was already into plantations and spreading them throughout the society using technology, I believe it bound me to cross paths with Organic Living. I have now adapted this lifestyle to a huge degree and realized that it’s an experience worth sharing. Here’s how I did it, and here’s how it became the very turning point of my life:

Growing and eating organically!

I have always been very passionate about planting. In the recent time, I’ve added a pinch of diversity into this passion. Fortunately, we’re blessed with our own space to do so. In the self-exploration periods of the pandemic, I often found myself visiting our farm more than ever. As I looked around me every time, I saw an opportunity to grow something new. Before I knew it, we had planted several medicinal plants, and many others all around, that we now use, to live an organic life! It has helped us to eat better, fresher and greener. Even if you do not have your own space to grow it, I highly recommend purchasing organic. It will change the way you feel inside your body.When you go out to buy organic products, you should always do so locally. Not only will this support your local economy, but it would also reduce the greenhouse gasses, by eliminating the transportation of food from far-away countries.Although, I would really ask you to consider growing your own organic garden. The key is to start small. Maybe you just plant something on your balcony, maybe you continue on your terrace, and before you know it, your passion has driven you to a whole new organic lifestyle of your own. Before you know it, you will be talking to the trees, and empathizing with their emotions. And this will truly be a liberating feeling.Using the greenGENE application has never felt this fulfilling before. We have now soft QR tagged all our plantations at the farm. It helps us keep a record of when which plant was planted, its type, its maintenance details, etc. This way, we can ensure the health of these plants and continue living organically. It also gives us immense pride to think that every time we plant, we are also contributing to the environment. Improving our lifestyles, along with maintaining the eco-balance, is a win-win situation for everybody.If the time has ever been right, it is now. Take one small step towards an organic lifestyle today and brace yourself for an outstanding quality of life coming your way! After all, if there is anything that this pandemic has taught us, it is to respect our lives and that of our planet!

The positives a pandemic brought to our lives and to the mother nature.

Every single morning, we wake up and read about the increasing positive Corona cases around the world, the negative impact on economies, the extended lockdowns and a million other pieces of information that are truly depressing.Some of us willingly dive into the depths of the oceans of news and voluntarily intimidate ourselves. Some are victims of forwarded videos and messages they get on phones.Therefore, it is natural to see the endless downsides of this pandemic and lose the sight of the few upsides. However, may I dare to take you there? Could we allow ourselves to apply the famous expression ‘Ignorance is bliss,’?I am not asking you to believe that the negatives don’t exist. All of us are deeply empathizing with the millions who are suffering. However, those of us who have been lucky to be safe at our homes can consider this phase of our lives, as a GREAT OPPORTUNITY.I’m sure every one of us has dreamed of days where we spent quality time with our families. Many might have thought of exploring our inner selves. But we wanted it all. We wanted our work and inflow of money not to be affected. Well, guess what? The lockdown is that dream being fulfilled in disguise.Every one of us is experiencing the joys of cooking with our family, playing games or simply being together. We are also coming closer to our inner- selves. We’re exploring things like meditation, yoga, home workouts, and even giving a chance to those half-dead hobbies that we used to have an interest for. is taking steps towards us and is becoming closer than it ever was. Our cites feel like luscious jungles when there are more birds chirping than horns honking, more calmness in the air than smoke, and more greenness than ever witnessed before. Not only are we bonding with our families and ourselves, but we’re also bonding with those in need. Humanity is changing its face as each and everyone is stepping up actively, to contribute beyond their capacities. Being a philanthropist, Corona gave me endless opportunities to help others, and I’m proud to say that I took them all. The CitizenCOP Foundation and Aahar Foundation involved themselves in activities such as providing more than 2,50,000 meals in Indore, helping those in CORONA crisis wanting e-passes, authentic information, Corona Alert, reporting a problem etc. Platforms like greenGENE are still striving to maintain the green of the nation under this global crisis. So yes, this global pandemic is changing the face of the world, but while everything feels like it’s collapsing around us, we can choose to hold on to the silver lining. We can accept this move of Mother Earth and consider that our planet is trying to DETOX itself. The next time you feel like being drawn towards a pile of bad news about Covid-19, choose to swim towards better things like helping people in need, spending time with your family and most importantly, meeting your inner self. We all must believe, ‘This too shall pass’. There will be a new world born tomorrow, which will have a ‘post-covid-19 lifestyle. We should all prepare for that. Until then, stay safe, take all precautions, and most important of all


How carbon credits changing green wealth!!

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