The positives a pandemic brought to our lives and to the mother nature.

Every single morning, we wake up and read about the increasing positive Corona cases around the world, the negative impact on economies, the extended lockdowns and a million other pieces of information that are truly depressing.Some of us willingly dive into the depths of the oceans of news and voluntarily intimidate ourselves. Some are victims of forwarded videos and messages they get on phones.Therefore, it is natural to see the endless downsides of this pandemic and lose the sight of the few upsides. However, may I dare to take you there? Could we allow ourselves to apply the famous expression ‘Ignorance is bliss,’?I am not asking you to believe that the negatives don’t exist. All of us are deeply empathizing with the millions who are suffering. However, those of us who have been lucky to be safe at our homes can consider this phase of our lives, as a GREAT OPPORTUNITY.I’m sure every one of us has dreamed of days where we spent quality time with our families. Many might have thought of exploring our inner selves. But we wanted it all. We wanted our work and inflow of money not to be affected. Well, guess what? The lockdown is that dream being fulfilled in disguise.Every one of us is experiencing the joys of cooking with our family, playing games or simply being together. We are also coming closer to our inner- selves. We’re exploring things like meditation, yoga, home workouts, and even giving a chance to those half-dead hobbies that we used to have an interest for. is taking steps towards us and is becoming closer than it ever was. Our cites feel like luscious jungles when there are more birds chirping than horns honking, more calmness in the air than smoke, and more greenness than ever witnessed before. Not only are we bonding with our families and ourselves, but we’re also bonding with those in need. Humanity is changing its face as each and everyone is stepping up actively, to contribute beyond their capacities. Being a philanthropist, Corona gave me endless opportunities to help others, and I’m proud to say that I took them all. The CitizenCOP Foundation and Aahar Foundation involved themselves in activities such as providing more than 2,50,000 meals in Indore, helping those in CORONA crisis wanting e-passes, authentic information, Corona Alert, reporting a problem etc. Platforms like greenGENE are still striving to maintain the green of the nation under this global crisis. So yes, this global pandemic is changing the face of the world, but while everything feels like it’s collapsing around us, we can choose to hold on to the silver lining. We can accept this move of Mother Earth and consider that our planet is trying to DETOX itself. The next time you feel like being drawn towards a pile of bad news about Covid-19, choose to swim towards better things like helping people in need, spending time with your family and most importantly, meeting your inner self. We all must believe, ‘This too shall pass’. There will be a new world born tomorrow, which will have a ‘post-covid-19 lifestyle. We should all prepare for that. Until then, stay safe, take all precautions, and most important of all