How organic living became a turning point in my life!

The pandemic brought many things with it. We learnt how to live with masks; we learnt how to live with fear, and eventually all of us discovered something new, out of the lockdown that forced us to explore within. I for one, tapped into something that changed my life. As a person who was already into plantations and spreading them throughout the society using technology, I believe it bound me to cross paths with Organic Living. I have now adapted this lifestyle to a huge degree and realized that it’s an experience worth sharing. Here’s how I did it, and here’s how it became the very turning point of my life:

Growing and eating organically!

I have always been very passionate about planting. In the recent time, I’ve added a pinch of diversity into this passion. Fortunately, we’re blessed with our own space to do so. In the self-exploration periods of the pandemic, I often found myself visiting our farm more than ever. As I looked around me every time, I saw an opportunity to grow something new. Before I knew it, we had planted several medicinal plants, and many others all around, that we now use, to live an organic life! It has helped us to eat better, fresher and greener. Even if you do not have your own space to grow it, I highly recommend purchasing organic. It will change the way you feel inside your body.When you go out to buy organic products, you should always do so locally. Not only will this support your local economy, but it would also reduce the greenhouse gasses, by eliminating the transportation of food from far-away countries.Although, I would really ask you to consider growing your own organic garden. The key is to start small. Maybe you just plant something on your balcony, maybe you continue on your terrace, and before you know it, your passion has driven you to a whole new organic lifestyle of your own. Before you know it, you will be talking to the trees, and empathizing with their emotions. And this will truly be a liberating feeling.Using the greenGENE application has never felt this fulfilling before. We have now soft QR tagged all our plantations at the farm. It helps us keep a record of when which plant was planted, its type, its maintenance details, etc. This way, we can ensure the health of these plants and continue living organically. It also gives us immense pride to think that every time we plant, we are also contributing to the environment. Improving our lifestyles, along with maintaining the eco-balance, is a win-win situation for everybody.If the time has ever been right, it is now. Take one small step towards an organic lifestyle today and brace yourself for an outstanding quality of life coming your way! After all, if there is anything that this pandemic has taught us, it is to respect our lives and that of our planet!