Has Social Media Changed You In Covid-19?

A million debates about social media, and here’s another one, you may be thinking. However, looking at these desperate times, the voice in me cannot stay silent. We are a diverse country, and so our social media users are diverse too. Some, scrolling away their time, harming no one, but themselves, and some moving forward with agendas to destroy lives, sitting behind their computers. There is animosity everywhere. If someone is trying to rob applause, someone else is trying to rob money. At the place called SOCIAL MEDIA, everyone’s egos are clashing with each other, and more so, when people have so much time on their hands while staying at home. It began an unhealthy competition to prove ourselves better than the others. If this competition was positive, it would have been fine, but it soon took the face of a platform being used to humiliate others. The right to speak was more actively used than ever, and the very government of this nation was the target, of us clueless beings. With the pandemic hitting us, our human nature was looking for someone to blame, to feel better about it all. As a social media user, you have to protect yourself. Always remember that the feed they are feeding you is a curated experience. One tap on a shoe ad, one comment on a piece of political news, even one conversation that you have with a friend about any topic in this world, will pop up on your screen for many days until you wash it out with another topic. Think, is the world at your feet, or is it walking all over you? It’s time to think about what kind of participant do you want to be in this chaos at the door of social media. Do you want to use this tool as a blessing to spread the good or just a tool to punch others down to feel good about yourself? Do you want to be a con artist conning people out of their money/ happiness, or do you want to be a universal giver of joy? Lastly, it should be remembered that victory will always belong to a unified team, where everyone is playing for team India, and more so for the team world. We should remember that we are powerful citizens who have done things that shook the world. From common man to doctors, engineers, scientists, and our history, including Ayurveda, Homeopathy, etc. In the time of Covid, social media was a source of the suffering of many families, with dirty politics. Forgetting hatred and negativity, there should be an atmosphere of positivity as well as a unity – this is crucial. And, you and I are more than enough, to stir this change, and steer the wheel to brightness.