Don’t Forget to Pack Passion & Persistence If You are Traveling up to Success!

You must have heard how passion and persistence are the keys to living a successful life, a thousand times. So, the question is, why would you be interested in reading something like that all over again, here? Well, let’s just say, sometimes the same thing needs to be said in a different way to hit the right wave of your brain. As Michael Jordan once said, “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” In life, business, relationships, home, job, family, you’ll have a trillion mini-goals to achieve to reach a point of peaceful joy or excellence. You may wonder if you could get your hands on a magical weapon that guarantees success. Good thing is, you really can. When we planted the seed of the idea of CitizenCOP Foundation, we faced not only the challenges that we could foresee but so many more that we could not imagine in any scenario. However, we always believed the fact that courageous persistence is the one quality out of many, that would take us through it all. All we really have to do is put in all our hard work to make a difference, not wait around for the results, and keep going! They almost always eventually come around to grow into something beautiful. Now, success is the queen on a carrom board. We all want it, isn’t it? But to be successful it takes a hell lot of persistence. Lucky for us, there’s not only one queen for all of us in the carrom of life. Whether it is about losing weight, getting a good grade, or starting a foundation to serve the nation, you need to be persistent. That is what makes all the difference between a successful outcome and a failed one because you gave up. We thought of starting a foundation that would help the people of the society, and although we were fortunate enough to receive great support, there were uncountable obstacles. And, how much can a man really do, with persistence alone? Well, CitizenCOP Foundation recently celebrated 8 years of its incorporation. Citizen COP Application that was developed under the foundation has touched more than 50 Million Lives and has spread across more than 50 Cities, and 4 States. The foundation homes more than 20 Social Initiatives with more than 400 Volunteers who are passionate and persistent to help out! The very definition of persistence is ‘continuing to do something even though it is hard or opposed’. We know better than most, that in the face of defeat, it is hard to stay persistent, but we also know, better than most, that it’s that time when persistence is needed the most. However, remember, that by knowing and accepting that there will be setbacks, you can at least prepare for them. To conclude, I’d just like to remind you gently, that keeping a pure intention towards your goal, and moving forward in that direction with the most honest efforts, will transform the way things turn out for you, in the ultimate end!